Confirmation For Catholic School Families

Welcome to our St. Margaret of Antioch Confirmation Program


Your ninth grade studies and your service projects prepare you to come to us for Confirmation.  Prayer and Mass continue your journey toward Confirmation. You will join us on Sunday evenings for Confirmation II.

Two important details for Confirmation are decided during Confirmation I sessions.  The Candidates choose their Name and Sponsor.  The links below bring you to some information on the Saints, including online sites.  

The link to the form to send us the information is one that can be reused as many times as needed. We ask that you choose your sponsor before mid-August of the summer before you come to Confirmation II.  Our opening gathering in early September includes your sponsor and parents and we would like to invite them.  

We are so glad you will be with us for this joyous Mass and celebration.


Information on choosing a Confirmation Name

For information on the saints, these two websites stand out: and

Information on Choosing a Confirmation Sponsor

Enter your information on your chosen name and sponsor (to change or correct, submit a new form)

For your Sponsor:  Certificate of Sponsorship due the first session in January

For your Sponsor to help them understand their role.


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